What Does It Mean?


Clever You, Finding this.

What does Q36 mean?  Is it:

  • H4x0r-speak for QED, the end of mathematical proofs?
  • Some puzzle involving quadrature and 6^2?
  • Self-deprecating humor about a cartoon death ray?
  • Punning on the Greek letter sigma, σ, and volatility trading?
  • Parcours d'autobus 36 de la ville de Québec?
  • The number of distinct outcomes for 2d6?
  • A coded reference to Q magazine and Iron Maiden?
  • Un hommage au film français «36 Quai des Orfèvres»?
  • Shorthand for GTQ 36 (≈CAD 6)?
  • An economics inside joke?
  • A type of networked security camera?
  • Quatsch mit einem verrückten Suffix?
  • Jamaica–Little Neck by bus?
  • Counterfeit high-performance cycling gear?

Other than the last item, all of the above.  If you enjoy puzzles as much as we do, you can probably figure out how to reach us.