Q36 is a quantitative algorithmic finance firm.


Models guide our thinking to be consistent and our analysis to be incisive.


Automation enables our processes to be consistent and the execution to be precise.


Experience ensures we pay attention to the economics and challenge our models.


Clarity and understanding reveal better solutions — from old ideas and forgotten methods to collaboration and new ideas.


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A Quantitative Primer on Investments with R

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Target audience

Quantitative finance professionals; graduate students in finance and economics; students in statistics, math, OR, engineering, physics, and CS who are interested in finance.


Quants-in-training often skip studying investments in favor of more quantitatively-oriented courses.  This text fills that gap with a quantitative approach to investments — so they can create better, more profitable models.

Proven Value

Over a decade of students have used this material to enter the world of quantitative finance and succeed.

Applied Content

Example R code implements ideas in the text.  Short quizzes ensure the basics are retained; answers are given so you can teach yourself.  Longer exercises use theory, R code, and data to build intuition.

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