If you are here, you are one of the people I contacted -- to let you know what I am up to, to solicit for feedback, and to keep in contact.  Having a statistical/econometrical background, I've been disappointed by the investment texts out there.  Since I am shifting more back to industry, I figured it was now or never to write down my thoughts on the investments text I wished I had used.

The text is surely flawed and biased — because I was direct in a few places.  However, I've tried to be fair to recent research and what we know from theory and data.  I figure an honest voice grasping toward truth is better than a cautious overly-politic voice afraid to admit where "there be dragons."  (However: If you have an over-arching theory to behavioral critiques, I am happy to hear it!)

I hope all is well with you.  If you do browse the book, please tell me your thoughts on the areas you care most about -- or are most biased about.  Dialog is always delightful.